7 Powerful Spiritual Books That Will Transform Your Life

I’ve been an avid reader all my life. My habit of continual learning has led me to many wonderful discoveries, but the greatest of all those discoveries can be found in the following spiritual books.

The Best Spiritual Books, Guaranteed to Change Your Life!

Keep in mind that I have read well over 500 non-fiction books in my lifetime, and the following are what I consider to be the MOST life-changing.

Of course, that’s just my personal experience and opinion. You may be drawn to different teachings, depending on what you need to learn at this point in your spiritual awakening, but nonetheless, you’ll certainly resonate with at least one or two of the following books.

Power vs. Force

by Dr. David R. Hawkins

When I first read this book back in 2013, it completely blew my mind and set me on a path that would improve my life in ways that were beyond what I even believed possible at the time.

This book answered so many of my deepest questions about life, things that had perplexed me for years.

I had suffered deeply in my life due to a pessimistic attitude and lack of understanding, but this book completely shattered my world view, answering questions like:

  • Why is there so much negativity in the world?
  • Is “God” real or just a belief system?
  • What exactly is spiritual enlightenment?
  • Is there such a thing os “objective” or absolute truth?
  • Can Truth be verified or measured?
  • What is the purpose of life on earth?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Is reincarnation real? How can we know?

All these questions and MANY more will be answered in this incredible book.

Warning: The author utilizes a very large vocabulary, so this can be a difficult read if you are not familiar with certain concepts. You may want to read this book AFTER you read spiritual book #7 by the same author further down the list.

Power vs. Force is the first book in a series of books written by Dr. David R Hawkins. I highly recommend ALL his books for every spiritual seeker, but you’ll want to read Power vs. Force and #7 on this list BEFORE you read his other books, otherwise they might not make much sense to you.

There are not many books that I can say made a PROFOUND impact on me, but this was definitely one of them.

Dr. David R. Hawkins passed from this realm in 2012, but his teachings will live on for many centuries. You can access his lectures and other educational resources at VeritasPub.com

Loving What Is

by Byron Katie

Byron Katie had a major spiritual awakening in the 1980’s after suffering with suicidal depression and rage for many years. Her story is quite interesting.

Most notable, the energy that emanates from her presence and through her words is incredibly uplifting. I’ve cried tears of joy on more than one occasion while reading her books.

Loving What Is is an introduction to something Katie calls “The Work”, a process of self-inquiry designed to cut through the strongly held beliefs of the ego that create suffering for ourselves.

I would recommend reading this book as a starter before moving onto her other books, which are equally transformative and inspiring.

The Bhagavad Gita

Translation by Eknath Easwaran

The Bhagavad Gita is a translation of the ancient teachings of Lord Krishna from the Hindu tradition. The teachings are given in a narrative about Krishna and his disciple Arjuna. Krishna’s words cut through Arjuna’s doubts about going off to war and what it means for his spiritual fate. There are many profound spiritual truths packed into this story.

I started to read this book many years ago but could never finish it because it didn’t make much sense to me. I came back to it years later when I was more ‘ripe’ and the power of this book was suddenly apparent.

The Bhagavad Gita contains great wisdom and is a worth the read no matter where you are on your path, at least for the purpose of “planting seeds” that could later sprout into full realization.

I prefer the audio version of this book, which you can get on Audible.com. The narrator’s voice is very fitting and the words pack a real spiritual punch.

The Zen Teachings of Huang Po

Translation by John Blofeld

If you don’t like all the spiritual ‘fluff’ and want to get right to the CORE of spiritual truth, then this book is for you. A direct translation of the teachings of 9th century Chinese Zen Master Huang Po that cuts through illusions and spiritual fantasies unlike any other teaching I’ve come across.

I love this book because of its directness, simplicity, and power. Huang Po does not waste time with fancy spiritual concepts. The path to spiritual enlightenment is a straight and narrow one that requires cutting away all the non-essentials. This book does that perfectly.

This is probably one of my favorite spiritual books of all time. I read it at least twice a year and it always puts my mind more at ease, helping me remember what is Truth and what is illusion.

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

This book became a worldwide best-seller after Oprah recommend it on her hit TV show. The recognition was well-deserved. The Power of Now provides a practical approach to bringing more presence and spiritual power into our everyday lives.

I think this was the first book about spirituality that really caught my attention and made a profound shift in my state of consciousness. I remember feeling like a brand new person after reading it. I even gave a copy to my mother and she loved it too.

I used to listen to the audio book every day on my commute to work. Somewhere in the book, Eckhart talks about how people who are strongly identified with their ego will become furious when someone cuts in front of them in traffic, and how a person who live in “presence” does not react in such ways. It was very entertaining to practice being a peaceful witness to the drama that people create on their commutes to works. Haha.

A Course In Miracles

The story behind the writing of this book is quite fascinating and perhaps controversial. I’ll let you look into it yourself, but I recommend overlooking the irrelevant details and paying attention to the core message contained within this text.

The main theme of A Course in Miracles is what you might call “radical forgiveness.” The Course urges us to forgive the world and ourselves without exception so that all our ideas of sin and guilt may be dissolved, allowing Peace to shine forth from our consciousness.

The Course includes a main text, 365 day workbook, and a manual for teachers. It will take you a long time to read as its over 1,000 pages. If you are only going to do a portion of it, I recommend skipping right to the 365 “mind training” course. It’s just one short lesson per day.

You can learn more about ACIM (A Course in Miracles) at The Foundation for Inner Peace‘s main website at https://www.acim.org

Letting Go

by Dr. David R. Hawkins

I have 2 books by the same author on this list because no other teacher has had a greater impact on me. If I could, I would put at least 5 of his books here in the top 7.

Letting Go is probably the most practical spiritual book you will read. It describes a simple but powerful process for releasing suppressed emotions from our minds and bodies, allowing us to experience the Peace at the core of our being.

It is often the simplest things that have the greatest impact. Complicated philosophies and fancy-sounding spiritual concepts only add to the clutter of the mind and tend to strengthen the ego rather than dissolve it. The “Letting Go” technique is extremely simple but shouldn’t be overlooked, as it is extremely powerful when used consistently.

If you experience stress, social anxiety, self-doubt, depression, or any other negative emotion on a regular basis, this book can help you permanently eliminate all of those things and ensure they do not continue to sabotage your happiness and success in life.

Which of these spiritual books have you already read? Which one of the 7 will you get today?