How to Create the Habit of Happiness with the 100 Day Meditation Challenge

Why Join the 100 Day Meditation Challenge?

First of all, why in the world would you even want to meditate? If you’re not aware, meditation offers numerous potential benefits. Below are just a few of the many:

1. Elevated mood and decreased stress.

2. Greater mental clarity and creativity.

3. Higher levels of physical energy.

4. Improved ability to focus and be productive.

5. A decrease in compulsive behavior, better decision-making ability.

6. Deepened sense of purpose and spiritual connection.

These are just a few of the reason you may want to consider a daily meditation practice, but rather than preach more about why you should do this, I’m going to do a 100-day meditation challenge myself and then report the benefits I am experiencing on this blog each and every week, with hopes that you will be inspired to start a daily meditation practice yourself.

I will be meditating for 30 minutes daily, either seated or lying down, while listening to relaxing zen meditation music. I will simply remain aware of my thoughts and feelings, surrendering everything as it arises in order to bring my mind and body into a state of peace and tranquility.

That’s the basic idea. If you need more ideas for possible meditation techniques, here’s a good article that explains several of them.

Feel free to join me on this 100-day challenge, or simply follow my progress for inspiration or mere entertainment. The choice is yours. If you are going to join, please post in the comments below to let me know, and also feel free to post regular updates on social media with the hashtag #100DaysToPerfectPeace so I can follow your progress too!


Why Do I Feel the Need to Meditate?

For most of my life, I’ve dealt with stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. I’ve managed to overcome 90% of this by using mental reprogramming strategies such as listening to recorded affirmations on audio and reading a lot of uplifting books, however, I recently realized that these things aren’t going to get me to true happiness and permanent inner peace…

Fortunately, my habit of reading a lot of books and being a genuinely open-minded and curious person led me to study many different spiritual texts, and as I began to comprehend these teachings more and more, I began to apply them to my life, and the results were pretty extraordinary…

My mind was in the way of my progress. I had reached a point where more information was doing me no good. In fact, this constant searching for answers was driving me crazy. My stress levels went through the roof.

“Self-help” couldn’t save me anymore…


Why Self-Help Won’t Make You Happy and What to Do Instead.

Don’t get me wrong. Traditional self-help and personal development really helped me get out of a slump in my life and led me to a lot of success, however, it never brought me the inner peace that I truly desired.

I believe this inner peace is what we are ALL searching for, whether consciously or otherwise, it’s just that most of us look in the wrong places and really have no idea how to achieve real lasting happiness.

This is obvious when you look at how many people who appear to have it all are still miserable on the inside, while people who have little can be some of the happiest people you meet.


So where does real happiness come from?

What I discovered through a lot of spiritual research and introspection is that the whole idea of “self-help” is fundamentally flawed because it assumes that you ARE the “self” that needs to be helped…

Most self-help strategies are geared towards changing the contents of your thoughts and feelings. Mental reprogramming strategies, for example, help you shift your thoughts in a more positive direction, but there is still the assumption that your thoughts are “you” and therefore self-help often has the opposite of the intended effect…

Rather than making people feel better, self-help often makes people feel guilty or ‘flawed’ in some way, especially when they try self-help techniques but the negative thoughts and feelings keep coming back no matter how hard they try to change…


Common Misperceptions Perpetuated by Teachers of Personal Development That Prevent People from Achieving Real Happiness:

You are your thoughts and feelings.

Since you are your thoughts and feelings and your thoughts and feelings are negative, then you are flawed and need to be fixed.


The Truth About You

Your thoughts and feelings may be negative, but they are not the real you anyway, so rather than trying so hard to change them, you could simply stop fighting with them and let them all go.

Your “self” doesn’t need to be helped. It needs to be surrendered.


Inner Peace is a Realization, Not an Achievement

The “real you” is already at peace. It is only your ego, your collection of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and judgments of self and others that prevent you from knowing this peace.

Most people couldn’t imagine living without their thoughts or emotional reactions. Everyone is so addicted to who they believe themselves to be that they are rarely able to experience states of real bliss or happiness.

This is exactly why I believe meditation is so important.


Join Me on the 100 Day Meditation Challenge to Discover Your Real Self and Create the Habit of Happiness.

You may know that there is a deeper, more significant, spiritual part of yourself, but how often do you get in touch with it?

The 100-day meditation challenge will help you get in touch with the ‘real you’ DAILY, and I’m certain your life will be improved dramatically as a result.

If you aren’t certain, just make sure to follow my progress so you can get a taste for what it might be like. Then, you will be inspired to start your own 100-day journey.


So, Are You With Me?

Post YES in the comments below if you are going to start your 100-day meditation challenge TODAY!

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Chat again soon.

Much Love,