How to Cure Low Self-Esteem with Spiritual Understanding: A Simplified Guide for Finding the Confidence Already Within You

Let Me Save You a Few Years of Fruitless Searching

My name is Beau, and I’ve written this short guide for you because for most of my life I suffered with extremely low self-esteem and severe social anxiety. I was so desperate for answers to my problems that I delved deep into the world of self-help for several years. After about 3 years of intense study, I realized that I was really not much happier as a result of all this accumulated knowledge. Sure, I did apply much of what I was learning and saw some minor results, but I was disappointed that all my searching brought me only a little closer to real inner peace.

It wasn’t until I began to comprehend a select few spiritual teachings that everything changed for me.

Today I want to share with you my understanding with hopes that you will come to a similar understanding and finally break free from everything that is preventing you from living the life you want to live.

As you read the words I have written, remember that the words are only pointers. Do not believe anything I say until you have proven it for yourself. The answer is not in the words. The answer is in you. You’ll have to dig deep to find it, but I pray that my words will guide you there.

The One Severe Error You Must Avoid

There is one major flaw with most ‘self-help’ material on the market today. It is a subtle flaw but a severe one nonetheless, because it creates even deeper feelings of inferiority and worthlessness in those who believe in it. This flaw is what I call “the theory of the imperfect self.”

The Theory of the Imperfect Self

The underlying and often unspoken assumption presented in most self-help material is that we as humans are somehow ‘flawed’ and in need of being ‘fixed.’ The notion often presented is that we need to somehow put forth a lot of effort in order to change ourselves. You hear a lot of talk about things like ‘will power’ and ‘motivation’ and ‘hustle’ and ‘hard work.’ You also hear more subtle things like the importance of changing your ‘self-image.’ While all these things are useful to a certain extent, they don’t really bring us closer to the true and permanent inner peace we desire.

Why? Because the assumption hidden within all these ideas is that happiness is found somewhere in the future. They say that we need to first change something about ourselves before we can be happy. While I do believe making the effort to change our lives and move in a more positive direction is a wonderful thing, I also see the misery it causes people, people who are stuck in this belief that says, “I need to do more, have more, become more, because deep down I believe that I am not good enough as I am.”

Can you see how this can easily become a vicious trap?

“I am not good enough as I am.” And herein lies the issue.

We’ve been fed so many beliefs from our family, peers, and society that say life is about always striving for more and more, always grasping for something we don’t have yet. It is this incessant craving for satisfaction in things outside of ourselves. And yet look around you. Very few people are actually satisfied.

Could it be that we’ve been looking in all the wrong places, searching for happiness where it cannot be found?

The funny thing about the future is that it never comes. The present moment is all that actually exists. Being future-oriented is essentially living in a fantasy world of endless illusion. Sure, sometimes it’s good to have goals for the future, something to aim for, but if we continue postponing our happiness for some moment in the future, we will never be happy, because once again, the future does not exist and so it never comes.

But what about when you do get what you’ve been striving for? What then? You will always find that it brings nothing more than a temporary satisfaction and sense of peace. Soon you are striving for something else. But WAIT! Where did that temporary sense of peace come from? And why was it only temporary? Let’s examine this further.

Humans make one severe error over and over and over again.

The error is the mistaken assumption that the achievement of things desired is what brings happiness.

It’s very easy to see why we make this error. When we receive something we want, it puts us at peace for a little while, and so we believe that it was the thing itself that ‘caused’ the feeling of happiness. And so once this feeling of happiness wears off, we go out and strive for something else.

A perfect example of this is intimate relationships. We finally get the relationship we want and we feel happy for a while. But soon the ‘specialness’ of the relationship wears off and we start having thoughts of being with someone else. We need something new. What we have is never good enough. We do this in an endless fashion, experiencing the highs and lows of pleasure and disappointment but never finding the lasting happiness we all yearn for.

Only when you see that everything in life is already absolutely perfect will you be at peace. To have self-confidence only requires one thing: to know who you really are, to move from your ‘self’ (ego) to your ‘Self’ (spirit).

You don’t have to change anything about yourself. At the core, you are already perfect. You have been living in a cloud of illusions, false thoughts and beliefs that say “this is who I am.” But I have some great news for you. Who you believe yourself to be is not even close to who you really are.

It’s a relief to know that you can let go of your stories about yourself, and that you don’t even need to make an effort to create a new story about yourself if you don’t want to, because no story can describe your true nature.

No words are sufficient to explain the perfection of you. You don’t believe this yet, and you don’t have to because the answer does not lie in any belief system. The answer presents itself automatically when you have ceased to believe in the illusions you create within your own mind.

In the next chapter, I’m going to describe how you can begin to let go of these illusions so that you can finally see clearly and live in peace.

Shattering Illusions and Moving Through Life with Ease and Grace

There is nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to do, to know your true self. However, when you know your true self, you will find yourself effortlessly moving towards everything that you once desired strongly but at the same time resisted with your own negative thinking.

The paradox is that once you stop desiring to be anything other than what you are, you begin to become everything you were destined to be.

Let the universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it, move through you and guide your actions.

You suffer because you have been trying so hard to be something you are not. Why not become what you already are (not who you believe yourself to be) and live in peace?

Is that really an option? Absolutely. Now that you are aware of a different option, you can choose differently.

“But if I don’t try to change myself, won’t I just stay the same miserable me?” I hear you say. Let me ask you this. Haven’t you already been trying to change yourself for most of your life? Haven’t you been in this endless internal struggle, never sure of yourself and always wanting something to change? I’m willing to bet that this effort to change yourself has been a relatively continuous internal attitude for you. I know it was for me. And where has it brought you? Right here, still searching for answers.

If your desire to change yourself has not brought about the change you desire, then perhaps it is the desire to change that is the real problem here. The illusion you have been holding on to is the belief that something actually needs to change. Consider this. Everything, including you, is already perfect. What a concept! If you truly believed this, your experience of life would change in ways you cannot imagine.

Let me assure you, your life will not get worse by letting go of your desire to change. It can only get better.

Just look at nature for the answers you need. Does the flower need to exert its will in order to bloom perfectly and be so beautiful? Of course not. The flower is an expression of divine will, not a personal will like your own.

If you could only become like the flower by merging with the divine flow of life, then you’d be at peace. But as long as you continue to fight for your own way in life, you will be miserable.

What I am saying goes against popular belief, but when you see that popular belief is only making people more and more miserable, maybe you will seriously consider what I have to say. Again, I don’t want you to believe these words. I want you to look beyond them and see what they point to.

To many this all might sound like intellectual babble, but those with an even slight amount of spiritual awareness will be transformed by these ideas. A tiny seed has already been planted within your soul. It may sprout and blossom today or at some future time, but the truth is that is must present its beauty and perfection at some point.

You don’t need to worry about where you are going. The forces are already set in motion. They have been since the beginning of time. All you need to do is stop resisting the natural flow of life with your selfish ideas about how life ‘should’ be.

Forget about becoming confident. Shrink your ego down so small that you are only aware of your spirit. Then all ideas of ‘being confident’ will lose their meaning, for as a spirit you are one with everything and there is no ‘person’ to ‘become’ anything at all.

Feeding your ego with more ideas and trying to change your personality is an attempt to cover over one illusion with another. As long as you are living in any kind of illusion, you will not feel at peace and so you will always seek for new ways to ‘change yourself.’ For most people this is a lifelong quest. Only in the final moments of their life do most people see clearly that they are not their thoughts, emotions, their life story, their occupation, or anything that they believed themselves to be for so long. Most people wait until the final moment before they decide to reside as spirit instead of a personal ‘me.’ But I’m telling you that you don’t have to wait. You are spirit and so there is nothing you need to change about yourself.

You can never not be spirit, and so the inner peace you desire is available to you 24/7/365. You only have to choose it. But you cannot serve two masters at the same time. What will you choose to honor, your ego, or your spirit?

In each and every moment, you have a choice to make. You can choose to live in recognition of your personal, limited ego ‘self’ or with awareness of your infinite, unlimited spirit ‘Self.’ The choice you make has profound implications. One choice brings endless anxiety and suffering. The other brings permanent, unshakable happiness and a sense of peace so profound that nothing in the entire world could possibly compare.

Living in spiritual awareness is living with the knowing that you are perfect, whole, and complete just as you are. When you live in inner perfection, you express that perfection in your actions as well, and perfect action can only bring perfect results.

If you are not happy with how your life has been going, it’s only due to the fact that you are allowing your life to be guided by ego rather than by spirit.

The ego thinks it knows what is best for you but obviously does not. Choose to live in spirit if you want to effortlessly manifest the highest good in your life. I know no better way to live.


Spiritual Practices and Disciplines to Move into Full Awareness of Your Real ‘Self’

The fact remains that you are already perfect. The only problem is that you don’t recognize it yet. For this reason, I want to discuss some very simple but transformative spiritual practices and disciplines that will help you to gradually move into full awareness of your true Self.

Tame the Mind

The first step towards greater awareness is taming the mind. Right now your mind is probably like a wild animal. Even if you are earnest in your pursuit of spiritual realization, your mind will tend to sabotage you over and over again if you do not tame it first.

I already put together some very powerful audios for you to help with this process. They are enhanced with ‘theta brainwave entrainment’ technology to assist in quieting the mind. Positive affirmations are spoken over top of these beautiful soundtracks to help create a positive mental environment that is conducive to spiritual growth and awareness. You can get all 5 of these audios for FREE at

Make the Unconscious Conscious

Many of the thoughts that sabotage us are buried deep in the unconscious mind, meaning that we are not even aware that these thoughts exist. The only way to eliminate these self-sabotaging thoughts is to bring them into the forefront of your conscious mind and then surrender them.

The easiest way to do this that I have found is to do a daily journaling practice where you simply spend 10 minutes writing down everything that comes into your mind. The key is to write without judging your thoughts or stopping the flow of writing for any reason. When you get into this flow state, unconscious thoughts tend to surface. Some of them may be very disturbing. Don’t judge them though, simply write them down. After they are onto paper, you can see them for what they are, only thoughts with no real meaning except the meaning you give them.

You can leave it at that or you can go one step further and take the sheet of paper with all these thoughts on it, go outside, and burn it. This is a symbolic representation of surrender that can greatly facilitate the process of letting those thoughts go forever.

Commit Only to Thoughts of Unconditional Love

The mind is often a trap, but it can also be a gateway. Spiritual realization can happen through the mind only when the mind is purified. To purify your mind, you must commit to thinking only the most kind and loving thoughts towards all of life, including yourself. This commitment will bring up the opposite. Hateful and judgmental thoughts will become more apparent when you commit to Unconditional Love, but this is a good thing. Remember, the unconscious thoughts must first become conscious before they can be surrendered.

Negative thoughts are a normal part of the human condition, but they need not remain with us. If we are spiritually committed, we can purify our minds and use our loving thoughts as a gateway to very high levels of spiritual awareness and eventually, permanent inner peace.

Meditate Daily

Meditation is a very powerful practice that brings extraordinary benefits. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to transcend the hold of the ego and merge into awareness of your higher Self. When first beginning a meditation practice, it will become very apparent how identified you are with your ego self. Sitting in quiet and solitude will make you extremely aware of all the mental chatter going on. You will be able to clearly recognize that you have been living most of your life dominated by this mental haziness. It’s no wonder you are not happy!

Meditation is very simple. There is really nothing you need to do but sit alone in a quiet place and remain aware of what is happening in your mind. Watch the thoughts float by like clouds in the sky. Watch how your mind gets caught by one thought and then it leads into a thousand other thoughts.

See the craziness. This is a huge step forward. Whereas before you might have thought your mental chatter was ‘normal,’ you can now see that it is quite insane. This will intensify your desire to be free of the mind’s grasp on you once and for all.

Another helpful meditative technique is to simply focus on something specific such as a spot on the wall, the back of your eyelids, the inhale and exhale of your breath, or a mantra or affirmation of some kind. This gives the mind a job and makes the task of quieting the mind a little easier.

You could also listen to beautiful meditation music enhanced with theta brainwave entrainment technology to make your meditation sessions a little more pleasant and relaxing.

There are several excellent books that explain meditative techniques in more detail. If you need to, learn more, but don’t complicate the process. Remember, you already are a spirit so you don’t have to search for it anywhere but within. Knowledge is useful only as a pointer but eventually becomes an obstacle. The mind is never satisfied because the mind is dominated by ego. The spirit doesn’t need the ego. The spirit lives in freedom. If you don’t feel free, it’s because you are still dominated by ego.

Use the suggestions in this article to increase your spiritual awareness and find your freedom.

Remember my friend, you are perfect, whole, and complete. You are loved and soon you will find that you are Love itself.

More words from me are not necessary. If you’ve read this far, you already know where to look to find your happiness.

Peace be with you.

Your friend in spirit,


P.S. Please share this article. You never know who desperately needs it. Thank you.

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