How to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos: 3 False Beliefs In the Way Of Your Peace

How to stay calm when there seems to be turmoil and chaos all around us? How can we keep our peace even when things aren’t going the way we want them to?

In the article (and video) below, you’ll discover what I consider to be some essential insights for finding and maintaining a higher degree of inner peace, regardless of what is going on in the world around you.

By the way, what I am discussing is tested and proven to work. If you look at the ‘before’ pictures below, you can probably tell that I used to be a pretty miserable person. The look on my face says it all…

How to Stay Calm Article Before Picture
Back around 2011, struggling with depression and anxiety.

But after taking the time to understand my mind and master it using some of the tips I’ll share with you today, I was able to overcome a lifetime of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, going on to become a much happier person.

How to Be Calm Article After Pic
A few years later, after discovering some of the things I’ll share with you in the article and video below.

If you prefer to read instead of watch, check out the article below.

How to Stay Calm in Chaos

Peace of mind is what we want, but how do we achieve it when challenging life situations seems to get in the way?

Aren’t some life situations just stressful by their very nature? Is it actually possible to be at peace even when ‘chaos’ is happening in our lives?

It is possible, but only if we challenge some core beliefs…

False Belief #1

“Chaos Exists in the World, Not My Mind.”

First, we have to realize that life is subjective, meaning that everything we experience in life is filtered through our own consciousness.

No one has ever actually experienced a “chaotic world” because what we call ‘the world’ is filtered through our own mind with all its opinions, beliefs, and emotions. Chaos can be experienced, but only a chaotic mind, not a chaotic world.

If you removed all the beliefs in your mind that said life was unfair, imperfect, or flawed in some way, then you would only see perfection. Imperfection is not a quality of the world. It is a belief of the mind, nothing more.

False Belief #2

“I Can Only Be Happy When I Get What I Want”

A major error that keeps people stuck in stress and anxiety is the belief that happiness is something that depends on the achievement of desires. This way of thinking is guaranteed to keep us suffering for a lifetime…

If my happiness exists outside of myself, then my happiness is fragile, limited, and subject to being taken away at any time.

If my happiness exists solely within me, independent of the outside world, then no one else can make me suffer. If I suffer, it is my own creation.

The Real ‘Cause’ of Happiness

Correlation is not causation. Just because you get something you want and then feel happy does NOT mean that the achievement of your desire was the “cause” of your happiness.

In reality, it is the release of our desire that creates the happy feeling. When we get what we want, we stop desiring it. The end of desire is what brings us joy and happiness, NOT the thing we acquired or achieved.

This is VERY important to understand. You don’t have to get all the things you desire before you can feel happy and at peace. You only have to let go of desire and focus more on appreciating the things you already have in your life.

False Belief #3

“Things Won’t Improve Unless I Force Them To”

Most people mistake peace for passivity. They think that once they accept everything as it is and stop desiring so much, that they will become passive and unable to make any changes in their life.

Actually, the exact opposite is true.

When you learn how to accept and appreciate life as it is, you not only become much happier, but you also become capable of making positive changes in your life with ease due to radically decreased stress, doubt, fear, and inner resistance, all the things that used to prevent you from taking constructive action.

The Universe takes care of things. We don’t have to always force our will on the world. It only creates stress that we would rather live without.

When we learn to live with trust and faith, we find that we are supported in every moment and have no reason to fear. Success comes when we learn to get out of our own way and let the Universe do the work.

The 2 Qualities of Mind

There are two basic qualities of mind, one that brings stress and one that allows us to be perfectly at peace in all situations and circumstances.

99% of the world lives the majority of their life consumed by the first of these qualities, the one that brings endless anxiety.

Even though we may genuinely desire positive personal transformation, we may find it very difficult to change due to the many deeply engrained habits of the mind…

Judging Mind

This part of the mind is focused on opinions, beliefs, personal perspectives, and emotional reactions. It is prideful and wants to be “right” and make others wrong. It thinks it knows the truth about things and is extremely resistant to letting go of its judgments, even when those judgments create stress and perpetuate negativity.

Every opinion, belief, or feeling you have that says “Life is not perfect and should be different than it is” is an aspect of the Judging Mind and is what creates your unhappiness.

You’ve Been Programmed

The judging mind is full of opinions and beliefs that have been programmed into the hardware of our consciousness ever since we were very young. This is why overcoming this negative aspect of the mind is extremely difficult without proper understanding or guidance.

Even when we want to change and be more positive and peaceful beings, that doesn’t happen unless we change the actual programming and habits of the mind…

In “The Enlightened Mind” training series, which you can access for free below, I teach you how to start to undo this programming so you can remain at peace in your life, resting in “Aware Mind”…

Aware Mind

This aspect of the mind is not involved with opinions or beliefs or judgments of any kind. It merely watches and witnesses everything without comment or emotional reactions.

It’s important to note that this area of the mind is ever-present and always available. Even when you are caught up in stressful thoughts, there is a part of your mind that peacefully watches those stressful thoughts.

This place never leaves you nor ever could, which means inner peace is always only a decision away.

Before a thought or feeling arises, who are you?

The answer to this question is not found in words. It is a silent realization, one that is essential for you to come to if you want to achieve and maintain peace of mind for all the days of your life.

Notice that the mind wants to label and judge everything. It even judges its own thoughts. Round and round it goes in a never-ending circle that most people never escape…

But who or what is it that watches all this? In order for you to notice all of this going on, there has to be an “aware” quality within yourself that makes it possible.

This “Awareness” is much closer to the ‘real’ you than all your thoughts and feelings are. Intimately knowing this still and silent part of yourself is the key to living with nearly never-ending happiness.

I encourage you to spend time getting in touch with this silent, peaceful part of yourself. You may barely recognize it at first because the mind is so noisy, but you can use a guided meditation audio like this one to calm the mind and make these Truths more apparent.

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I’m wishing you the best on your journey.

Much Love,

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