The 7 Laws of Abundance (Follow Them and Watch Prosperity Manifest in Your Life!)

The hard part about life is that we’re thrown into it without a rule book…

Even in school, they don’t teach us the most fundamental things that you would think are essential, like how to handle mental or emotional challenges, how to be successful with money, in relationships, etc.

Growing up, I always felt that no one around me really knew what they were doing and were just making it up as they went along. I don’t think I was wrong…

At 19 years old, I hit an extremely low point in my life that made me question everything I thought I knew. I thought I was smart, but why was I so unhappy then?

What I needed wasn’t smarts, but wisdom…

Life has a way of teaching us by making sure we suffer greatly from not following the “laws” of the universe…

To make a long story short, I suffered a lot in my late teens and early 20’s with depression, anxiety, and financial lack. Yet through plenty of acquired knowledge and experience, I was able to overcome these things and go on to live what I consider to be a very blessed life.

This article will explain what I learned along the way, distilled into what I call the “7 laws of abundance.”

Follow these laws like your life depends on it (because the QUALITY of your life DOES depend on it).

You can scroll down to read the full article, or just sit back, relax, and listen to the podcast episode I created on this topic. Enjoy 🙂

1. The Law of Mirrors

Think of a mirror. It reflects exactly what you put in front of it. I find life to be the same exact way. Whatever attitude or emotion we bring to our life will determine the appearance of what we see…

If you look at life with anger in your heart, you’ll find plenty to be angry about.

If you look at life with love in your heart, you’ll find plenty of things to be grateful for.

The simple truth is that life is a purely SUBJECTIVE experience. What we think and feel about the world “out there” is stemming from inside of us!

When we blame life for our own emotions, it’s like blaming a mirror for accurately reflecting what’s in front of it.

We’re looking in the wrong direction…

Take 100% Responsibility for What You Feel

The first major step I took towards a more peaceful and prosperous life was to begin taking full 100% responsibility for my thoughts and emotions rather than blaming someone or something else for my problems.

Most people avoid this because it might bring too much guilt. It’s easier in the short term to blame others, but the downside is that it keeps us trapped exactly where we are and prevents us from knowing our true power to choose our own destiny.

There’s no reason to feel guilty or blame ourselves, however. We all do the best we can until we know better. When we learn of our power, we start exercising it. This knowledge empowers us. No guilt or shame is necessary.

2. The Law of Seasons

Naturally, we want good things to come to us quickly. We’re all hard-wired to seek happiness and abundance, but are we willing to pay the price of patience?

If you plant a tree in the ground and it only grows a foot in the first month, do you go chop it down and start over?

Of course not. But funny enough, that’s how most of us live our lives…

We start to create something beautiful in our lives, but when we don’t see results right away, we give up and go back to ground zero…

Focus On the Process of Sowing and Allow the Harvest to Come It Its Right Time

From my experience, this tendency to give up so easily is the result of being overly focused on the outcome of what we do rather than enjoying the process of it. It’s the result of being too attached to receiving selfishly rather than giving selflessly…

The tree fruits when it’s meant to, not necessarily when you want it to. The flower blooms in its right season. You do it no good by trying to force it to be beautiful.

Like the sun, rain, and earth, you must be willing to patiently serve, provide, and nurture your creations before they bloom and beautify your life.

Like the sun, rain, and earth, you must be willing to patiently serve, provide, and nurture your creations before they bloom and beautify your life.Click To Tweet

There’s a season for sowing and a season for reaping. It’s important to enjoy both, otherwise, you may never last long enough to reap the things you desire…

3. The Law of Right Intention

A lot of people will tell you that the secret to success in life is to “just take action” and keep moving forward. It’s not horrible advice, but it fails to take into account the power of intention…

Two people of the same skill level can take the same exact actions and yet get completely different results. Why?

Because the intention behind the action is a major determining factor that is too often overlooked.

For example, someone who strives for success with a hidden motive of revenge will get very different results than someone doing it for love…

Your Intention Determines Your Happiness and the Sustainability of Your Success

Your intention not only determines the result but it also determines how happy you will be during the process of achieving that result, and how long you will be able to sustain your success…

If you do something for the love of it, chances are you’ll be happy regardless of the outcome, and because you have the power of positive intention behind your actions, you’ll likely get great results with little effort or exertion and thus be able to maintain those results without getting burnt out.

The surest way to success is to make sure all the actions you take are infused with love. If there’s no love, there’s no lasting happiness, and no amount of material success can buy it for you.

Do what you love. If you can’t, then at least find a way to love what you do. Better opportunities will come to you when you’re living life with positive energy.

Do what you love. If you can’t, then at least find a way to love what you do. Better opportunities will come to you when you’re living life with positive energy.Click To Tweet

4. The Law of Reciprocity

A pure intention is important, but even a good intention may yield poor results when combined with the wrong type of action. But when you combine a positive intention with strategic, leveraged action, the results could blow your mind (in a good way)…

When attempting to build a better life for yourself and attract more abundance, it’s important to ask yourself one simple question before you begin every day. That is…

“How can I create a win-win situation today?”

Give and You Shall Receive!

The quickest way to prosper in life is to help other people prosper! Whatever you do for yourself and your own benefit, think of how you can transfer that knowledge, inspiration, or skill to someone else!

For example, instead of just exercising to get yourself in better physical shape, why not start an exercise class so others can join you!?

Or instead of just reading a book to inspire yourself, why not share some of those positive ideas on your social media accounts to inspire others as well!? You could even write an article or make a video about it. You could build an entire business out of it if you wanted to!

That’s exactly what I have done with

Anything you are doing to improve your own life can be turned around and used to improve other people’s lives!

When you start thinking of more than just yourself, magic starts to happen. You start working with the laws of the universe and it starts to reward you for it because one of those laws is “Give and you shall receive.”

5. The Law of Undoing

On my personal journey, I’ve realized that success in life is a lot more about letting go of the old than it is about acquiring anything new.

To become a greater version of myself, I’ve had to continually surrender my resentments, anger, fear, shame, guilt, and pride. I’ve had to unlearn what I thought I knew before wisdom could enter my mind.

Float Your Way to Peace & Prosperity

I like to think of it like a hot air balloon. Below this hot air balloon are all these weights that prevent the balloon from rising to its potential peak altitude.

These weights are analogous to the negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we hold within ourselves. Each one limits our potential and prevents us from rising into greater joy and success.

Willpower is just not reliable. In most people, it’s nearly non-existent, and that’s not a bad thing, because there’s actually an easier way…

Instead of trying so hard to be happy and successful in life, just surrender within yourself any belief, feeling, or attitude that seems to be in the way. Then you may find yourself effortlessly floating up to greater and greater fulfillment, peace, and abundance.

All it takes is a willingness to change. When you’ve had enough pain and suffering, you learn to let go of that which is creating it. You start to realize that you can’t change the whole world, but you CAN change yourself…

And that’s when your world does change because you begin changing the filter through which it is seen: your mind!

6. The Law of Vibration

Every thought you think is sending an energetic, vibrational frequency through your body and beyond…

Just notice how when your mind is full of negative thoughts of fear or guilt or self-doubt, your body simultaneously experiences negative emotions. And what are emotions?

Energy! If you go within to the experience of any emotion, you’ll notice that it’s not a solid thing at all but rather an ever-shifting invisible energy that is experienced through your senses.

Because thought and emotion are just types of energy, they affect all other things in the universe. Science tells us that the entire universe is made up of pure energy. Thus there is no such thing as a thought or feeling that doesn’t have some consequence…

Thoughts Create Feelings. Feelings Feed Thoughts. And On and On the Cycle Goes…

There’s a lot of talk today about the power of “positive thinking.” I think it’s a wonderful thing, but still quite limited in its power to rapidly change someone’s habitual state of consciousness…

You can tell a depressed person to think positive, and even if they are open to it, they may not be able to do it for more than a few seconds. Why?

Because the negative emotional energy is feeding the negative thoughts!

Yes, new thoughts can create new feelings but it is very difficult to get your mind to believe new thoughts when you’re trapped in a cycle of negative feelings.

An emotion may be triggered by a negative thought, but then that emotion can take on a life of its own and control the thought process entirely. This is why many people on this planet genuinely want to be positive and happy people but they just can’t be no matter how hard they try…

The solution…

Remove the Clouds That Obscure the Sun Rather Than Trying to Force the Sun to Shine

They KEY is to release the negative emotions FIRST before adding in new thoughts. Then the mind can more easily accept those new thoughts because there is a more peaceful feeling state that allows for the acceptance of new perspectives.

If you believe that everything is energy and that energy attracts things into your life, then let me ask you this…

“What has more energy behind it, a positive thought or a positive feeling?”

I would say it’s the feeling. A thought may be passing and only last a second or two, but a feeling can run DEEP…

When you feel gratitude or love, for example, you feel it in every cell of your body, don’t you? It’s a powerful type of spiritual energy.

Thought is energy, but thought married with a strong positive emotion is at least 100 times more powerful than thought alone.

I’ve seen the results in my own life over and over again. When I’m FEELING good, abundance flows. When I’m not, well, it doesn’t!

To attract prosperity and abundance, you have to FEEL abundant and prosperous BEFORE the actual appearance of it in your life. You attract what you have realized yourself to be, not what you wish or hope for!

Positive thinking is part of the equation, but its more so about surrendering the inner blocks so that positive feelings become natural rather than forced.

How to quickly rise into the more positive feeling states and stay there?

It’s all about letting go of the unconscious inner blocks. All the training and tools you could ever need to master this transformational process are included inside of The Year of Awakening online course & community.

7. The Law of Humility

“All I know is that I know nothing at all.” ~Socrates

When you assume you know the full truth about anything, you block yourself from accessing a greater awareness and a deeper wisdom. You close yourself off to opportunities and set your mind in stone with no room for expansion.

I’ve studied many different successful people throughout my life in an attempt to distill their wisdom into a workable formula that anyone could model and use to shape their own life. One of the key characteristics that ALL of the happiest and most accomplished people seemed to have was that of an open mind…

But what exactly is an “open mind?”

  • An open mind seeks to understand, not judge.
  • An open mind is willing to hear perspectives and opinions that differ from its own and seeks to learn from them rather than immediately dismissing them.
  • An open mind sees so-called ‘facts’ as opinions and ‘truth’ as relative rather than absolute.
  • An open mind seeks opportunities for expansion rather than making excuses for limitation.
  • An open mind has the attitude of “it seems that way” rather than “it is that way.”
  • An open mind is flexible, not attached to anything but not resistant to anything either.

Because of all this, an open mind is peaceful and in harmony with life. Because it always seeks to expand and open itself even wider, it maximizes its opportunities for learning, growth, and success in all areas of life.

These are the 7 laws of abundance. Write them down, apply them in your daily life, and watch the seeds of wisdom sprout into peace and prosperity.

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