Spiritual Awakening Demystified: 22 Signs That Could Confirm You Are Waking Up to Reality

Are you having a spiritual awakening? How would you know? Fortunately, many people have gone through and are currently going through a spiritual transformation of some kind, so there are many common signs and shared symptoms that will help you verify whether or not you are as well.

My name is Beau, and my spiritual awakening began back in 2011, a very dark and depressing time in my life. I suffered deeply with severe anxiety and depression. Although it didn’t seem like a “good” thing, a few years later I would look back on all of it with gratitude.

Spiritual transformation is not always pleasant, at least not initially. It can often make one feel “lost” or out of place in the world. You might feel like you don’t quite fit in with society anymore. This is a normal phase in the process, so it’s nothing to worry about. Many have walked before you, and they all experienced very similar things.

22 Signs & Symptoms That Confirm Your Spiritual Awakening Has Begun

If 10 or more of the following feel very familiar, then chances are you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. You’re not alone. Millions of people all over the world are going through a transformation of consciousness right now.

1) You No Longer Feel Connected to People You Were Once Close With

As we grow and mature within ourselves, it is inevitable that we will drift away from certain people, because not everyone evolves at the same pace. We are each on unique journeys, so we can’t expect everyone to walk each step with us.

Some people are meant to be in our lives only for a period of time. Every relationship offers valuable lessons to be learned. When the relationship has fulfilled its purpose, it is not uncommon for it to end.

This is not a bad thing. Rejoice, because it means you are moving on to bigger and better things.

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2) Your Goals Shift From Materialistic Ones to Internal Goals Like Finding Your Purpose Or Just Being Happy

You may have already realized by now that the material things of this world can bring nothing more than a temporary pleasure. But at the end of the day, what we’re all searching for is a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose that material things can’t possibly give us.

When the world no longer satisfies us, we turn within. This is when the spiritual journey truly begins. When we start to ask the deeper questions like, “Who am I really?” and “What is the purpose of my life?”, we can be sure that our spiritual awakening has begun.

Since we’ve probably spent most of our lives searching outwards, we likely have little knowledge or understanding of our inner worlds. What should we do with all our thoughts and emotions? How should we look at them and what should we make of them? How can we navigate our way to inner happiness and fulfillment?

Fortunately, I’ve spent almost a decade of my life asking these questions, relentlessly seeking answers to them, and testing everything through trial and error. You’ll find many valuable insights in the free video, audio, and email training series I put together for you here.

3) You Feel Drawn to Solitude and to Nature

I was always an introverted kind of person, and I used to think there was something wrong with that, however I eventually came to see it as a gift. My natural inclination towards solitude and nature helped me learn so much about myself that I could have never learned had I been externally-focused.

I think it’s important not to fight against your intuition or natural inclinations. If you feel drawn to solitude, give yourself complete permission to go in that direction. Trust me, you’ll gain more from this than what you may believe you’re missing out on.

We need silence and beauty to re-connect with the spiritual side of ourselves. The world is a noisy place, as is the mind, but the deepest questions and mysteries of life can only be answered in silence.

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4) Your Taste in Movies and Music Changes

Everything in this universe is made of energy. If two things are not vibrating at a similar frequency, they will tend to repel each other. Like goes to like.

As you evolve spiritually, you raise your own personal vibration or level of consciousness. This means that things you once resonated with will become less attractive, and things you were once repelled from will suddenly become more attractive or desired.

For example, up until about the age of 22, I loved rap music. I could listen to it all day long on repeat. When my spiritual awakening began, however, rap music slowly became more and more repulsive and I felt more drawn to country and classical music with a more gentle and positive tone.

If things like violence or fowl language were once fine with you but now turn you off, it’s a sign that you may be experiencing a spiritual shift or transformation of consciousness.

5) You Feel Destined For Much Greater Things

I think some people are born to be leaders or teachers and others to be followers or students. There is nothing wrong with either role. Actually, we play both all the time whether we know it or not, depending on the situation, but certain people who may be more spiritually evolved tend to find themselves in leadership or teaching roles.

If you feel drawn towards becoming a motivational speaker, author, artist, or creator of some kind who inspires and uplifts others, it’s important that you do not ignore or suppress your desire.

We feel destined for greater things because we ARE destined for greater things. Don’t let the doubts of the mind block out your heart’s desire. The Universe always guides us perfectly but we have to get quiet enough to listen to its wordless directions.

6) The World Starts to Appear Like An Abnormally Negative, Chaotic Place

As we start to become more happy, loving, gentle and peaceful beings on our spiritual quest, the gap between our state of consciousness and that of collective humanity becomes wider. This sudden contrast can temporarily bring shock or dismay, but this is only a phase.

While there may be initial disgust and lots of judgment, this is eventually replaced by gratitude for one’s own gifts and compassion for those who are less evolved. We see that we are not better than anyone else, but rather a little further along the path and in a position to be of service to the world.

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7) You Start to Ponder the Purpose of Existence

There comes a day when our spiritual transformation quickens and we start to question everything we thought we knew. Before we were just going through the motions, but now we have this intuition that there may be a greater purpose to this human journey than previously thought…

Do we decide our purpose or is it predestined? Is there only individual purpose or is there a collective purpose that we all share?

These are deep questions that I won’t even attempt to answer here, but I will just point you here to some amazing spiritual books that will help you find clarity on your journey of spiritual awakening.

8) You Feel Repelled By Religious Dogma and Belief Systems and Go Within For Answers Instead

I’ve always felt that too many people cherish certain religious belief systems rather than actually living by the principles that were taught by the originator of the teachings. Jesus, for example, taught non-judgment, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Yet how many Christians do you know who exhibit those qualities and live by those principles?

True spiritual understanding cannot be acquired by reading books. The intellectual knowledge is helpful for clarifying things and overcoming doubts or confusion, but to really know what the great masters were teaching, we have to look in the direction they were pointing us in…within.

The spiritual journey is not about developing more and more beliefs and opinions. Rather, it is about shedding away our beliefs and preconceived notions about reality in order to have the True Nature of things revealed to us.

This requires radical self-honesty and humility. The truly wise understand the limitations of the intellect and seek to go beyond it rather than refining it.

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9) You Develop An Insatiable Appetite For Knowledge and Understanding

The prideful believe they know what reality is. The honest spiritual student, however, assumes no such knowledge and therefore seeks it earnestly. A curious, humble, and open mind is required for rapid spiritual progress.

At the beginning of my spiritual quest, I devoured over 300 books on things like psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics. This knowledge served me greatly up to a point, but it eventually became a great obstacle…

I think it is often necessary for people to spend considerable time in spiritual study. A certain baseline level of understanding is required. In time, however, one reaches a point of intellectual saturation where no more can be learned until what is already stored in mind is put into practice.

I suggest you read all you can, but make sure you spend time every single day putting it into practice. Even a simple 15-minute meditation session can help you absorb what you’re learning and gather deeper insights.

10) You Start to Despise Small Talk and Would Rather Have Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Your mind is focused on the deeper mysteries of life, so you don’t want to talk about the shallow things. Unfortunately, this can lead many spiritual students to feelings of loneliness or depression.

While it may be a little more difficult for people like us to find quality friends, it’s worth the wait when you do find them. In my experience, a lot of fulfillment can come from just one or two meaningful relationships compared to a multitude of shallow ones.

11) The Hidden Motives of Others Starts to Become Glaringly Obvious to You

Many spiritual seekers find their intuition suddenly heightened. They get a sense for what people really mean, even when their words say differently. They find that people rarely say what they actually mean, and hidden motives lurk beneath the surface.

For example, someone tells you that they want to help you with something, but underneath their actions is a hidden sense of pride, desire, or superiority. They are helping you not because they genuinely want to, but because they want something from you.

This kind of thing isn’t obvious to most people, but when the spiritual energy begins to flow through you, these things become obvious due to heightened intuitive abilities that don’t depend on the intellectual mind.

This ties into our next symptom…

12) You Get a Sense For What a Person is Like Just By Looking At Them For a Few Seconds

Have you ever looked at someone an almost instantly knew they were a deceitful, angry, or dishonest person? This doesn’t come as an intellectual judgment but more as a deeply felt intuition, like you just know but you don’t know how you know.

Or the opposite: you look at a person and instantly know that they are trustworthy, honest, and kind. They don’t even have to say a word and you don’t have to know anything about them; you just look at them and know what kind of person they are.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Maybe that has something to do with it. I definitely noticed that when my spiritual awakening began, my discernment of people’s true intentions became much more accurate.

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13) Peace and Quiet Becomes More Attractive Than Thrill and Excitement

It seems that most people seek the rush of adrenaline that comes from intense, high-energy activities like riding roller coasters or watching scary movies. Peace and quiet is not sought or desired by most people because the majority of humans are completely ruled by the desires of their ego.

As we proceed up the scale of consciousness and evolve spiritually, peace and quiet becomes much more attractive. High-energy activities that bring only a temporary pleasure are more easily forgone in favor of a more lasting sense of peace.

Even as we evolve, however, there are many temptations. We may be tempted to go back to the destructive thrill-seeking out of pure habit. To avoid the fall-back, we should take time every day to taste the full sweetness of silence.

This will help us more easily forgo the temporary pleasures and destructive habits because we can see how pale they are in comparison to deep inner peace and contentment.

14) You Start to Become Aware of the Non-Physical, Energetic Aspects of Life, Beyond What Can Be Seen With Your Eyes

Some people say that “seeing is believing” but some of us know that “believing is seeing” is a more accurate statement…

Nothing happens by accident, and every cause has an instantaneous effect. Our thoughts are invisible but that certainly doesn’t mean they have no power!

When we see that life is really experienced on a purely non-physical level (i.e. through mind or consciousness), then we start to give that aspect of our lives more focus and attention. This leads naturally to the realization that the nature of our thoughts and feelings has a direct impact on the way we experience so-called physical reality…

We become less of a victim and more of a conscious creator when we see this clearly. This step of taking radical personal responsibility for our experience of life is an important one on the spiritual journey.

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15) Seeming Coincidences Occur Regularly That Appear to Have a Deeper Meaning

Have you ever thought about a person and then a second later they called or texted you? Have you ever thought about or had a dream about something and then later that day it showed up in your life almost exactly as you imagined it?

At first, these seem like funny coincidences, but then they start to happen more frequently. You start to think that there must be some invisible connection between your mind and reality, as if you were attracting things to you with your own thoughts.

The late Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung called these occurrences “synchronicities” and loads of evidence confirms that this is a real, active phenomenon in countless people’s lives.

16) You Experience Periods of Deep Sadness or Anxiety That Are Followed By Deep Peace or Joy

Do you ever feel depressed for no apparent reason? And then almost miraculously a deep sense of peace and joy and takes its place soon after? This could be a sign of spiritual awakening.

The depression or sadness without apparent cause might be related to the processing of suppressed or repressed emotions. When we start to wake up to reality, the mind is forced to let go of its cherished beliefs and false perceptions, and it’s almost as if the mind mourns the loss.

Depression has many potential factors involved, so please seek a professional or at least address your depression on all levels, physical, mental, and spiritual, before jumping to any conclusions.

17) You Feel Physically Exhausted For No Apparent Reason and Need More Sleep Than Usual

This also could be related to the release of suppressed or repressed emotional energy. Feeling physically exhausted can actually be a sign of spiritual progress.

When we release suppressed emotions, stimulating, stress-creating hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine are reduced and more healing hormones like oxytocin and serotonin are released, which could make one feel overly tired.

It’s important to give your body the rest it needs during these times. Don’t fight the natural desire to rest, or you may run the risk of re-suppressing the emotions, which could mean having to go through the whole process over again.

18) Objects and People in Your Environment Suddenly Begin to Appear Incredibly Beautiful, Innocent, and Perfect (And They Didn’t Appear That Way Before)

This is a sign that you are making considerable progress. You might want to prepare for some major internal shifts in consciousness if the world around you start to appear miraculously beautiful to the point of bringing tears of joy and gratitude to your eyes.

There comes a point on the spiritual journey where the ego’s perceptions begin to rapidly dissolve, revealing the true beauty and perfection of what was ordinarily seen as ‘nothing special’

When a beat up trash can sitting in a dirty alleyway begins to look like a perfect sculpture of magnificent beauty, you can be certain that you are well advanced on the spiritual path!

There comes a point on the spiritual journey where the ego's perceptions begin to rapidly dissolve, revealing the true beauty and perfection of what was ordinarily seen as 'nothing special'Click To Tweet

19) You Feel Called to Actively Spread a Positive Message In the World

What the spiritual awakening process is really all about is simply becoming a happier, more loving and peaceful human being. And when we start to feel better about ourselves, we often naturally develop the desire to be of service to the world.

Selfish desire is what makes us miserable and unhappy. But as we learn to surrender that using some form of “mind training,” our selfish desire turns to selfless desire and we become more compassionate towards others.

If you are looking to bring your gifts of inspiration and positivity to the world and want to get PAID to do it as a part-time, location-independent entrepreneur, then you’ll definitely be interested in Peace & Prosperity Academy.

20) You Feel Drawn to Classical Music, Art, and Natural Beauty (And Never Really Did Before)

It’s strange how spiritual awakening can change a person. You can go from the most skeptical, logical, and scientific-minded person to almost the complete opposite, consumed by love for beauty, art, and the more esoteric and ‘mystical’ aspects of life.

I think a major obstacle on the spiritual path is the intellect. We can easily become obsessed with our ideas about spiritual reality and completely miss what the ideas and concepts actually point to. We value knowledge and miss out on wisdom…

There are people who have read practically every spiritual text in existence yet have not moved forward in awareness. They have many spiritual concepts and belief systems running around in their mind, but they don’t have peace in their heart…

The easy to way to move beyond the limitations of the mind is to start appreciating beauty and art, the things that don’t require the mind for processing.

Just go outside and find a flower or insect to examine. Surrender your desire to explain it with your mind. Just observe the stunning beauty and perfection.

21) You Start to Think About Life After Death

I think what drives us to seek the answers to life’s many paradoxes and unknowns is the inevitability of physical death. We know the “end” is coming, but what is beyond?

Blackness? Oblivion forever? I don’t think so…

When you really get in touch with your spiritual side, you start to see that there is a part of you that can never die. While our thoughts and feelings continuously shift and change, the consciousness that we are remains exactly the same through every experience. This is the “eternal” part of ourselves.

This aspect of ourselves cannot be accessed via the mind, so thinking about it won’t help you get there. Like most of the deepest questions, they are resolved in silence and solitude.

Spend more time in meditation and you just might figure out what happens after death before you even get there!

22) You Wonder About the Reality of God and If Its More Than Just a Belief System

The word “God” used to annoy me because I associated it with religious dogma. But then I began having some profound spiritual experiences and insights that showed me what “God” really meant…

I can’t answer this for you, but I encourage you to get to KNOW God rather than being satisfied with your ideas about Him.

If you seek earnestly, in time you will find a Joy beyond comprehension and a Love so deep that you cannot help but rejoice and give thanks for all the days of your life…

If You’ve Read This Far, There’s a 99% Chance You Are Indeed Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening!

I wish you the absolute best on your journey of spiritual awakening and Self-discovery. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this article. I would love to hear from you.

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Spiritual Awakening Demystified: 22 Signs That Could Confirm You Are Waking Up to Reality
  • Wow! I just googled “people are waking up” and this was the first link I clicked and got sucked right in, I woke up only at December last year more specifically 11th of December on a beach in Thailand and I have experienced all does signs… the depression in smaller doses yet though, but I was really broken down last spring and have been so happy for that because I knew that I would never have felt this good if I didnt have that “bad” time last year ^^ Thanks so much, the link i already shared with my new soul friend and we have been discussing these feelings without being able to really put our fingers too it and you really did! Thanks

    I feel both scared by all this and almost like I want it to stop sometimes because it is so weird, but also so happy and just finding ways of embracing it and spread the light!

  • I liked the idea of spirtuality. I was a little spirtual always, I figure. I knew I am a intuitive thinker. I always had this ability to solve problems. I was told I am closed off with my emotions. I am expressive, but not about me. More like a curious expression.

    That said, I did go through a faze where I thought I was less emotional than others, but a few people close to me told me I have a good heart and a lot of empathy. I though ‘what do you mean? People tell I am not emotionally expressive..’ I pondered that a lot. It was my actions. I was always there and did things for everyone. Where a lot of people could not be someone’s emotional support. I started having little revelations about everything. I never considered it a spirtual awakening just for context. It was that I studied psychology for a long time. I mainly took a lot of interest in personality tests. I felt I had no sense of self. I felt lost. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I got bored of things easily. Just a massive void. Of course, I figured it is just my personality, or the education system is bias. There was always little things like this that I would mentally correct or use as a place holder. Like I wasn’t being BSed.

    My childhood was kind of crappy and I saw a long line of narcissism in it. A lot of mental abuse. There was even a time I felt sorry for myself, which where I am now, I can understand that guy. No stability. It is nice to be understanding of myself. I was never nice to myself. Haha. I guess it was my programming. Damn, that unconscious is a powerful thing. So much more powerful than I could have even imagined.

    Before I go there, I was at a point where I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I repressed my feelings and went a few years not feeling anything. I thought I was strong. I told myself I am not going to take crap anymore. I convinced myself of many things. I was brave, but out of will. Out of hate. I was always so stressed and depressed.

    All the stuff I learned here and there just started to pile on. I thought I had a bad memory, but I just didn’t know how to access all the things I learned at will. It turns out my memory is very linked to our cortex’s pattern recognition. Just going to send this part because the text box is glitching 🙂

    Will continue in a reply, I suppose.

  • Inspirational! I like to think about connections. How you just know some things even without proof. Like a link. It could be between people or even electronics… Just energy. I think there’s something we all share, with God, the u iverse and everything in it. I suppose some have yet to tap into that, and maybe that’s why others have su h high intuition while others do seems oblivious.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful article – I almost didn’t breathe through it 🙂
    It has helped me realise that this is really happening and also to get a sense of what is yet to come. This takes somewhat from the anxiety associated.
    There’s one thing that is unclear to me: how can I meditate and become more aware and still get so angry at my family (husband, kids..)? It makes me so sad when this happens. Is it the Ego’s way of fighting for its survival? When does it start to cease?
    I wish you all the best! Thank you.

  • Hello Sir Beau, I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful message, thank you very much for this perfect information, more wisdom to you.

  • this was great!! i was really unsure and this made it easier for me to be sure & positive !! i feel so much better about myself after reading this, im so ready for my spiritual journey 🙂 Thank you!!

  • >